Catherine Kruljac
I was born a month earlier than expected due to my mother having toxaemia. I was taken to intensive care where an incubator was my home for a number of weeks.
Yasmine Krahge
I was born with a rare genetic lung disorder. It was tough on my parents, as the for the first five years of my life, they and the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me.
Casey Brennan
I am 27 years old and I have PCD. My lungs collapsed when I was only 24 hours old. I was air lifted from Elliston hospital and spent 2 weeks in neonatal intensive care.
Fiona McBeath
Our journey with PCD started 19th March 1988 when Casey was born. After a very normal delivery at the Elliston Hospital in SA, Casey’s lungs collapsed day one.
Bill March
Bill was born in late November 2014. It was about five hours after his birth that my husband and I became slightly concerned that something was not quite right.
Jackie & Lucy
I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis in the 1980s and over the next 10-15 years, my medical notes reveal that the specialists suspected I had some “sort of ciliary dysfunction”.
Bridget Bourke
I was always told I just had a cold, or that I’ll grow out of it. I had a bad episode when I was 11, which ended in the Emergency Department at the Royal Children’s Hospital.