Who We Are

PCD Australia Foundation was formed in 2013.

We are a registered charity which is run by a committee of volunteers. We are also supported by several Respiratory doctors across Australia.

We are here to promote awareness within the medical professions and the general public of PCD and its effects.

Our Mission

To facilitate and promote the provision of optimal care for persons affected by Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) and to ensure the best possible quality of life for them.

To provide information, services and activities for the welfare of those affected by PCD and their families.

What We Do

We organise fund raising and administer the proceeds for the benefit of those with PCD

We represent and advocate the interests of those affected by PCD

We initiate and encourage research and study pertinent to the diagnosis, treatment management and amelioration of PCD.


Catherine Kruljac

President PCD Australia

Catherine Kruljac is the President of the Foundation and also has PCD. She works in the dental industry and has an Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

She is representing PCD Australia on the consultation committee for Young Lungs Australia which is an initiative by The Lung Foundation Australia.

Her interests include travelling, Australian Rules Football, Tennis, Sailing, sewing and cooking.

Fiona McBeath

Treasurer PCD Australia

Fiona is the Treasurer of the foundation and has 3 children, 2 of which have PCD.

Fiona works as an Enrolled Nurse in Aboriginal Health in Adelaide SA and part time lecturer for Royal District Nursing Service

Her interest are Family, Football/Netball, Food, Reading, Camping and Movies

Jenny Duggan

Commitee Member

Chris Frohlich

Commitee Member

Louise Khanbashi

Commitee Member