Young Lungs Program

Introducing the community groups was Margaret Polacska, President of CDH Australia and Catherine Kruljac, President of PCD Australia. We look forward to ongoing participation in the Young Lungs program to advance services for PCD families.

The Lung Foundation Australia

PCD Australia was proud to take part in the Lung Foundation Australia’s Young Lungs Program community consultation held in Sydney on Rare Diseases Day on Saturday 28 Feb. The aim of the program is to identify unmet needs within the rare diseases community and develop a national Rare Diseases Plan.

Presenters at the consultation were Prof Adam Jaffe, Chair of Young Lungs and Consultant in Respiratory Medicine and Associate Director of Research, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (Randwick), Nigel McPaul, Group Project Manager - Lung Foundation Australia and Ann Getty’s, Director – chILD Foundation USA. Dr Lucy Morgan was also present who is a physician at Concord Hospital for PCD Adults.



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